Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods when transported by air have a lot of safety implications. Hence it is important for all shippers of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials to either be aware of all the compliances or to consult a qualified Dangerous Goods Consultant. UFS is specialized in handling all kinds of Dangerous goods and Hazardous materials by air and sea. We have a team of people who are certified by IATA and are well versed with all aspects of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials movement. We provide complete solutions in Dangerous Goods and Hazardous materials Consultancy, Packing, Labeling, preparation of Dangerous goods declaration clearance and forwarding. We also supply UN approved Packaging materials. In short we have developed complete solutions for your entire Dangerous goods requirement under one roof.

UN Packaging.

UFS offers various packaging solutions for all requirements which are compliant with IATA norms. All our products are designed to meet or exceed most regulatory requirements for domestic and international transport of hazardous material by air. We offer complete array of fully tested U.N. certified supplies ,labels and more.